Monday, December 1, 2008

I Want a Hippopatomus for Christmas...

I have a whole Thanksgiving/Chicken update in the works, but first a little anecdote about my awesome job.

I picked the kids up from school today, having not seen them in a week. When we got home, they were hanging up coats and chattering on and on. When I walked away from the closet the ten year old looked at me and said "you got fatter". Then she told me she brought me something home from school because it looks like me.

She brought me home a little action figure Gloria doll from Madagascar 2. Because that's what I look like right now. She thought it was a hilariously good joke. Ha ha ha. Jerk.

For the record, which I will soon back up with photos, I do not look like a damn hippo. I barely look pregnant. And if I had half of Gloria's ass, that would be remarkable.

Kids are awesome.

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