Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's St. Paddy's Day without a Little Ham?

About a month ago, maybe more, Lora and I were talking about plans for her boy's birthday party and I volunteered to pick up the cake.  She replied that she didn't want to put that responsibility on me just in case that weekend was the one that Bo comes down with the pukes.

So I think I'm free to blame Lora for the unbelievable explosion of bodily fluids all over the damn place last week.  She talked it up.*

I'll spare you the details but holy crap.  Holy contagious crap.  Bo went down first. Two days later Frank spent the entire night in the bathroom.  He had two black eyes the next day.  That's how hard he was puking.  A day after that, my dad and my brother went down.  We missed Lora's party.  I didn't want to take Typhoid Mary anywhere, especially to a house full of children. I declared a quarantine on our house until all symptoms and fevers were gone.  Somehow I was spared the worst of it and just had a little stomachache Saturday.  It was no fun around here for a while.

But we're all better now!  And it's Springtime! 

Bo is 11 months old.  The first one to tell me he's about to be a year old gets diarrhea wished upon you.

He's not walking or talking yet but don't tell him that.  The day is a constant stream of babbling, yelling, laughing; directed at me, Frank, random toys, his own feet, whatever.  He says mamamamamamamama! and babababbababababa! for everything and nothing.  His favorite phrase is to stick his tongue out and say thumathumathumathum.  If you say it, he'll repeat it and it's like a whole deliciously gibberishy conversation.  He also likes to repeat consonants and fake cough.   

He's getting braver and braver in terms of walking.  Every day he spends a little more time - we're talking seconds really - standing without holding on to anything.  The past few days he's been trying take a step with no hand while cruising.  We keep saying we have to get the video camera ready.  Huh.  I should really just go plug it in now...

What else? He eats everything.  And if you're eating near him you'd best be ready to share.  Don't try giving him a stupid sippy cup of formula either.  You better break off a piece of that sandwich/salad/fruit/shoe leather you're enjoying and keep it coming.  Just put it down and back away and don't try any of that spoon feeding nonsense.  Too much lag time between dish and mouth.  He likes to eat, is what I'm saying.

Blahblahblah mommyblogblah.

He's awesome and makes my life awesome.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

*Of course I'm joking.  Lora doesn't bring plagues down on households. I love Lora.  One day I may even see her again.