Thursday, January 28, 2010

Evidence that the Trip Wasn't a Total Disaster

It wasn't all bad. 

There was this:

 Watching the candle light processional at Epcot.  He's strapped to Frank here too.


  With his name on the back and everything.

Watching the fireworks at Epcot.  We were worried that the noise was going to be too much, since the vacuum is the most evil invention ever at home, but he fell asleep halfway through. 

  The half a guy you see over Franks shoulder had a B.O.B double that he tried to use to box me out.  It was a demolition derby.  He did not prevail.  My City Mini carried the day.  Jerk.

Everything was decorated at the Osborne lightshow.  Also, they sold beer and it magically snowed every few minutes. 

There's an old fashioned barbershop in the Majerk Kingdom.  They do a special "baby's first haircut".  They gave him a certificate and ears that were embroidered with "First Haircut" and they saved all of his hair for us.  His curls were starting to tangle up and lock at the ends so it was coming eventually.  I only cried a little, at the end.  This shot is in the airport the day we went home.  We were delayed 4 hours.   Because of course we were.

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