Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ever since Bo was born, I've had a hard time with the news.  Specifically, news stories that involve terrible things happening to small children and babies.  Before, I could just shake my head and make tsking noises and go on with my day unscathed.  Now, unbidden visuals of suffering children and audio of screaming babies run in an endless loop in my head if I dare read a story about anything worse than Baby Plays with Kitten.

Like everyone else, I'm horrified by the devastation of the Haiti earthquake.  Until today though, it was a general sympathy for the people on the ground - the people who died and the families who can't find them.  Haiti was keeping the wolves away with a whip and a chair before the quake, so my heart was already breaking for the people who are being swallowed by despair.  Still though, I managed to send my donation texts and still drink my morning coffee.

Then today I read an email from a lady I know whose husband does mission work with an orphanage in a village just outside Port au Prince.  The email included the following (bold type mine):

"Barbara, the woman who runs the orphanage, is overwhelmed. The entire village surrounding her is relying on her for their needs. Most of her food supply has been destroyed by the earthquake (babies without formula is sad and scary).  The food depot where her essentials were stored has collapsed, so the food is now buried in rubble.  They are not sure how much they can salvage at this point."

They don't have formula. Babies who are already orphans in a real life orphanage do not have formula.  I'm  haunted by this.  The image of children who already had nothing now have even less.  They're sleeping the street.  What are they feeding the babies?  Can you imagine what it must sound like?  Can you imagine not being able to feed a screaming baby because you don't have anything to give him? I don't want to imagine it but I can't help myself. 

When I get home from work today I'm going to try and not suffocate my boy with squeezes and hugs while sobbing.  Then I'm going to find more than $10 to donate and offer up silent thanks for everything that I have.

How to help

I may also pray for Pat Robertson to burn in hell.  Feel free to join me.


Lora said...

it's horrifying. and pat will be in hell, i'm sure of it.

i don't believe that god punishes babies. or anyone. but that's just me and there are a whole hell of a lot of people who don't agree with me.

Rinny said...

I already have a few canisters of formula that we are donating to go to Haiti along with baby wash and lotion, powder, etc. I think I will go out and buy a few more canisters tomorrow. I am with you. I cry more now than I ever did....which wasn't much. Anything related to babies, families, loss, sweetness, anything. Makes me cry and feel horrid.